• ​​Comprehensive Physical Exam- an exam that is performed by a veterinarian where they examine all body systems: eye, ears, nose, heart, lungs, joints, skin and an abdominal palpation. In addition exams performed in the house provide the veterinarian an opportunity to see where your cat lives,  in sight into your cats surrounds and gives the veterinarian a better picture of your cats health. 
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC) - measures the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets
  • Blood Chemistry - tests kidney function, liver abnormalities, and electrolyte levels, protein levels and glucose levels
  • Urinalysis Testing- Aids in assessing kidney function, checks for diabetes and urinary tract infection
  • Thyroid Testing - Cat are prone to Hyperthyroidism as they age. This is a simple blood test to determine if your cat is at risk. Hyperthyroidism is a manageable disease
  • Fecal exam -  used to examine for parasites such as roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, coccidia, giardia
  • Retroviral testing -  FELV and FIV are viral infections transmitted to your cat through interacting with other infected cats.  FELV is transmitted via mutual grooming, whereas FIV is transmitted via deep bite wounds. Testing is recommend yearly for outdoor cats and if your cat is ill. 
  • Heartworm Disease - Cats are also at risk of getting heartworm disease. It is a difficult disease to diagnosis and treat in cats. Cats develop an inflammatory process that damages the lungs which can lead to sudden death. Prevention is recommended for all cats, even those that are "indoor only".

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